Rev. Martha Granger, Presiding Elder
Email - / Cell - (812) 760-2776

Evansville - Hopkinsville Churches

 Bells Chapel CME Church
 P. O. Box 1463
 207 Highland Ave.
 Fulton, KY  42041
 Rev. Darvin Adams

 Bowman Chapel CME Church
621 W Obannon

St. Morganfield, Kentucky 42437
 Rev. Michael Reid

Cleaves Memorial

650 Line St.

Evansville, IN 47713

(812) 423-4600

Rev. Dr. Amariah McIntosh


Freeman Chapel CME Church
 137 S. Virginia St.
 Hopkinsville, KY  42240
 Rev. Lisa Lewis-Balboa

Hills Chapel CME Church
 P. O. Box 329
 Crofton, KY  42217
 Rev. James Buckner

 Lane Tabernacle CME Church
 109 S. Vine St.
 Hopkinsville, KY  42240
 Rev. Linda Johnson

 Miles Chapel CME Church
 762 Levin St.
 Paducah, KY  42001
 Rev. Aaron Donald

 Mt. Zion CME Church
 3940 Guthrie Rd.
 Guthrie, KY  42234
 Rev. Tammy Acree

 Phillips Chapel CME Church
 P. O. Box 552
 Elkton, KY  42220
 Rev. Leatrice Holmes

Phillips Chapel CME Church
 Seventh and King St.
 Sturgis, KY  42439
 Rev. Velma Thomas

 Pleasant Green CME Church
 P. O. Box 895
 3805 Pleasant Green Church Rd.
 Hopkinsville, KY  42240
 Rev. Brenda Hollowell

Sebree Chapel CME Church
c/o Jackie Leavell
112 Ruth Dr.
Elkton, KY  42220
To be supplied 

 Spillman Chapel CME Church
 314 N. Donivan St.
 Princeton, KY  42445
 Rev. Kimberly Traylor

 St. James CME Church
 P. O. Box 1061
 Paducah, KY  42002
 Rev. Arthur Williams, Jr.

 Thomas Chapel CME Church
 1207 E. Seventh St.
 Hichman, KY  42050
 Rev. Jeffrey Sowell

Wesley Chapel CME Church
 171 N. Branch St.
 Madisonville, KY  42431
 Rev. James Fleming

Retired Ministers:

Rev. Dr. Charles K. Henry

Hands of the Presiding Elder:

Reverends Denise Golightly

Louise Buckner

Special Assignment:

Reverend Benjamin G. Lewis

On loan to the First Episcopal District

Joint Board of Finance:

Clergy: Michael Reid
Clergy: Claudette Snorton
Lay: Wanda Morrow


Clergy: Martha Granger
Lay: Marcia Fentress
Lay: Arthur Boykin

Assistant Conference Secretary:

Erna Boykin
Aukissia Boykin


Rosemary Alexander

Board of Christian Education:

Brenda Hollowell

Assistant Dir.

Dean of Leadership Training School:

Lisa Lewis Balboa

Missionary Vice President:

Wanda Morrow

Lay Activities:

Arthur Boykin


Cecilia Poindexter


Minister’s Spouses:

Wanda Henry


Lay Activities:

Arthur Boykin


Cecilia Poindexter


Social Concerns:

Amariah McIntosh


Statistician & Records Clerk:

James Fleming


Lisa Moore​​​​​​​

Ministerial Examination Committee:

Amariah McIntosh
Lisa Lewis Balboa